Patents. Prompting Or Restricting Innovation?

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The patent system is criticized today by some practitioners and economists

In fact, there is a partial disconnection between patent demographics and productivity gains, but also the development of actors who do not innovate and who develop business models that their detractors equate with a capture of annuities or a dangerous commodification of patents

It first recalls that these criticisms are not new, before arguing that if these criticisms have been revived, it is because of a partial shift from an integrated innovation system to a much more fragmented and open system

The authors show that this movement is coherent with a more intensive use of patents, but also one that is more focused on their signal function than on their function of direct monetary incentive to innovation.

This book provides a less Manichaean view of the position of patents in the system of contemporary innovation

This shift accompanied the promotion of a more competitive economy

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